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Make Any Man Crazy For You: How To Seduce Any Man, Any Day

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Women can be often afraid to be women, to look feminine or vulnerable simply because they equate it with being weak. However, just the opposite is true, because a woman that is in tune with herself and shows her vulnerability wields a lot more power over a guy than if she were to constantly act tough. We are exploring lots of the differences when considering both women and men in this book and just how it really is that those differences give us more strength than just about any rules society may seek to impose upon us. As soon as you allow your inner woman to shine through, you will get to be the girl that all men adore and can’t live without. Most of the problems we now have in our relationships stem from a lack of understanding, to phrase it differently we now have no clue why guys act the way in which they are doing. In reality, they frequently don’t know why they act how they achieve this it is no surprise we now have trouble deciphering their responses. 

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