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The Successful Startup:How To Make It Impossible For Your Business To Fail - Geoff C. Anoke

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'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'

-Eleanor Roosevelt

To God Be All The Glory


Part One


1. Here's Our Purpose

2. What's Your Purpose?

Part Two


3. Meet The Major Ingredients For The Soup

4. Mitigating Uncertainty

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Part One


'Without understanding the purpose of something, it's abuse is inevitable'- Myles Munroe

1. Here's Our Purpose


The Purpose Of The Successful Startup Ventures

I started my first startup back in 2001 .It was called Afro Atelier (Sounds cool .Isn't it?).A buddy of mine and I thought we could import artworks (mainly paintings) into the US from Nigeria .We had two advantages which we thought we could cash in on: artworks in Nigeria were relatively cheap, especially with the low exchange rate of the naira to the dollar and there were many talented art students we could dispose their works for a great profit and who will be forever grateful .Did we succeed? Yes. Emphatically so .But only in the negative sense! Our first consignment was never bought .Not even one was sold .Why? The idea was a great one but the execution was the poorest anyone could imagine .We did not know anything about staying the course, changing course or baseline product / service: some of the things we will be talking about in this book. Though our expectations were