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Feeling Froggy: F'd Up Fairy Tales

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Cursed. Chased. Challenged.

Once upon a time there lived a kind, noble, and honorable fae prince. This story isn't about that male.

Instead, our tale is about Kellen, heir to the dark throne. He lived as if the entire Darklands was his oyster, and he sought the rarest most perfect pearl. When it came to war and women, he left none unscathed. His desire to not wed was known through his kingdom and all the fae lands. To reinforce the edict, he never slept with the same woman more than once. The one time he broke the rule changed his life and face forever.

Unless a woman grew to care for Kellen—in the next seven days—he would remain a monster. After a millennium in the shadows has nearly ruined him, all that is left to do is renounce his throne and make peace with his wasted life.

Bethany Taylor, a half-breed werewolf, is tired of running. On her last night in yet another small town, instead of minding her business, she becomes ensnared in an elaborate trap. When a hooded fae male steps in, he'll only fight at her side for an unnamed promise. Saying yes is a no-brainer, compared to a lifetime with her sadistic father.

She hopes she doesn't live to regret it.

If you love novellas filled with adventure, romance, forgiveness, and sexy fae princes, then you'll love Feeling Froggy a F'd up Fairytale. Download and start reading today.

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