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Violet: Planted Flowers Series, #3

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A timid teacher must save a child at risk from abusive parents.

Violet lives a quiet, solitary life as a kindergarten teacher. But she worries about her student’s home life. When a handsome social worker talks at her school, she realizes her student’s parents are cooking methamphetamine.

As the situation escalates, she seeks the help of her bible study group. She needs confidence in her daily life and her new friends encourage her to be herself. Walk with her as she learns to hear God through fellowship with her study group.

Will she be able to protect her student? Will she be bold and act if required?

Violet is the third book in the Christian Cozy Mystery series, Planted Flowers. Each of the women need to find a deeper relationship with God and they hope to build a network of support in the group. The trials and dangers they experience brings them closer to each other and to God, opening them up to the men in their lives.

Watch as Violet learns confident boldness. Buy now.

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