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Black Blade

256 pages3 hours


Join American teenagers Megan and Lance as they cross the Pond to do battle with wizards, supernatural soldiers and a secret society determined to -- what else -- take over the world.

Their unlikely quest is led by three comically grumpy and obscene old wizards who seem to get them into more trouble than they get them out of.

"This is an eminently well-written and intricately plotted read that will entertain you for hours," says Publishers Daily Reviews. "And, as the teen twosome try to navigate the treacherous magical underworld into which they've been thrust, you will be transported with them into a modern-day take on the Arthurian legend."

Lance even comes into possession of the storied blade Excalibur -- which comes in mighty handy as the evil forces converge on them.

In addition to the well-paced adventure that unfolds before your wide eyes, the bickering old wizards add a sometimes hilarious and often R-rated layer of "sophisticated characterization rarely found in YA fiction today," according to the review.

So be ready to pull an all-nighter as you near the end of this five-star teen adventure. It will definitely keep you up far past your bedtime.

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