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The Lighthouse Series



When Savannah Summers came back to Georgia, she had made one big decision - writing hit music doesn't always happen in Nashville. She was determined to prove herself right. When she got back and tried to start, she had one distraction after another. Ex boyfriends reappeared, girl nights and she figured that the worst had already come. When she bumped into an ex in her favorite park, it's like he was there waiting for the shoe to fall so he could catch her. Savannah wasn't about to let him distract her from her work. She'd lost faith in him years ago.
When Colt Marshall had ended things with Savannah years ago. it wasn't because he didn't love her. Their lives were going opposite directions and she wasn't ready for a relationship. He never forgot her for one second, and hadn't dated anyone in years. When he saw Savannah again, he decided it was fate that brought them back together. Who was he to tempt fate?

When Brady James helped Savannah with a difficult moment, he knew that he only had one chance. He had to tell her how he'd felt all those years. They'd been friends and he still wanted her so bad he could taste it. She had more faith and trust in him than anyone else. Would she even agree to just coffee? He had no idea how to change from friend to lover, but he wasn't taking no for an answer ever again. The time was right.

When you lose your faith in love, only the right guy can accept the task of Restoring Faith.

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