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Kaleo: Flying High to Success Weird and Interesting Facts on The Breakout Musical Group!

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Do you believe in American Dream? You know, where all your dreams could come true - the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave – maybe, maybe not? Our artists of the day were already quite famous in their homeland and want to continue to soar higher by going to the land of the FREE and BRAVE. They are not originally from the US but often gets mistaken as one. One of their single became the most used song in soundtracks, shows or series like Fox’s Empire and HBO’s The Leftovers, for TV adverts like Boots UK, and trailers like the famous Logan. They are one of the fast rising non-U.S. artists today. What have they done to get this far? How did they start? Meaning behind their name - Kaleo? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore! What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to know what’s the latest hot band today!

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