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A Walk in Time

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Starting with an eerie walk in the woods, a pause, a ghostly meeting and through an instant threshold of time I walked out of my body and into a past life...a life so real that at that time, it must have existed.
It seemed that I had been transported from the future to instigate and play a leading role in the traditional family Christmas festivities of the long deceased occupants and children of the now demolished Manor House.
It's a story to enthrall the hearts and minds of all age groups.. as you join me as a ' Mr. Holdcroft', with James, Amy and the orphan children in the manor House of Squire Cleese, (circa 1876). What a time we all had!
Could be a seasonal ghost story or an out of body experience. Walking into 'a past life' and seeing your own grave is quite a shock. And to think that as you look you might be a ghost...looking at your own grave, is quite mind boggling.
And what an experience, if it was true it was the best Christmas Day of my life, was it a dream, a figment of my imagination or an out of body experience in a real time 'time warp'. It begs belief.

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