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Collected Stories Volume 1

258 pages4 hours


Collected Stories Volume 1 contains 1 Coverlid Place, Farmer’s Daughter Threesome, Meaningless Masturbation? and Horny Mandy plus exclusive to this volume, Vibe Time!

A daring visit to an adult book store leads to Jade giving an anonymous blowjob. Soon it becomes an obsession. When she heads upstairs to the adult cinema, four men in the audience make Jade a part of the action...

All summer long, Mike was teased by Sophie. When Sophie takes the teasing too far on her friend Kara’s 18th birthday, the result is a seriously hot threesome they will never forget...

When Ellie encourages Josh to masturbate in front of her, she doesn’t realize what she is setting in motion. It isn’t long before their feelings change. Both of them want more, but is this just Meaningless Masturbation?

Mandy is 21, outrageously busty, and newly single! She’s also a nymphomaniac... In a sex-filled adventure Mandy recounts every detail of her hookups, her first-girl-on-girl experience and her first MFF, MFM and FFF threesomes!

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