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Zero Effect

239 pages3 hours


Sci-Fi Opera, Mystery-Drama-Thriller, Action-Adventure
Who was Chad Dickson and why did he labor to reach Razorback status? Chad Dickson reached top dog status with the Razorback Division and Zero Effect status for outright acting and eliminating super computer hackers creating carnage in the civilized galaxy. Since the murder of his eldest daughter Kelly, he pushed and worked to get into the special, galactic Razorback Division, where he could focus on one important goal, tracking down and executing the Razorback creep responsible for his daughter’s death, and he knew that all Razorback Hackers deserved the ultimate resolution, Zero Effect. One thing he did not foresee, a Razorback Hackers that was twelve years old and he must pit all his actions against him and others like him. For sure he could not quit until he avenged the murder of his daughter and gave full payback to all Razorback hackers sitting pretty and smug and thinking they were smarter and better than the average computer user.

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