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Full Time Hobby: Turn Your Passion Into Your Job

49 pages32 minutes


Do you have a project that you’ve been dreaming of ?
Feeling apprehensive about making a start ?

This book will guide you through a number of steps that will assist in transitioning from an idea, through to hobby or business stage.

This publication will take you through a number of exercises that will assist in creating your own unique “map”. This may be used as a guide when starting out in a new business venture.
Each section contains an exercise to be completed. At the end of all exercises, you will gain fresh insight into your core values and how these could shape a potential new business.
This publication works through identifying interests and hobbies, developing an idea, conducting research, goal setting, pricing, marketing, legal and administrative requirements and preparing to expand.

Discover potential that will enable you to do what you love, on your own terms.
Start living what you’ve always imagined.

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