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Birds Flock Together

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This is Geraldine's last mission on Earth, and her most difficult one. Sister, Helena, is trying to organise her 50th celebrations but without success as she upset her family by stealing her daughter's boyfriend. Geraldine comes along and tells her not to give up and say to the family 'Birds of a feather flock together'. Curious, they visit Helena, and finding out that she has also been visited by Geraldine, they help her with the party and getting her reconciled with her estranged husband, David. Geraldine suggests to Helena to relive the good times her and David had by going to the theatre and cinema. They go but David is still unsure of Helena, leaving Helena confused what to do. Then she finds out that David has had an accident at home and needs help. So goes and does his cleaning, singing at the same time so he can realise what he is missing. Her birthday party arrives. She sings with sister, Dorothy, who she is now reconciled with, just as David arrives, as she planned. It works as after the party at home, David proposes again.
Back in Heaven, Geraldine is finally reunited with own love, Keith, for her own happy ever after.

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