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Solomonder's Iron

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Can a radical new form of power technology come from a rough auto workshop in an outback Australian town? Anything is possible when it comes to the Henderson family. In his efforts to build a device to clean steel tanks, Solomonder Henderson creates a strange electrical field which converts the surface molecules of iron into pure, directional energy! Eccentric ex-aviator Ned McZed harnesses this to produce his dream aircraft, the Ladybirds, in which the family are forced to flee from the unwanted attention of a multitude of military, industrial and security agencies. An odd mix of people, including the local cops, a pragmatic Lama, a mega-rich media magnate and a Norwegian physicist come to their aid during the ensuing planet-wide chase.
Solmonder’s Iron is a quirky, fast paced read with an amusing and very Australian take on classic action adventure. Science fiction with fencing wire repairs. Magic realism with elements of le Carré and vintage aviation - and all wrapped around a timely message about what clean energy could do for the planet earth.
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