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Comments on Daniel Novotny’s Essay (2017) Izquierdo on Universals

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Sebastian Izquierdo published his treatise, The Lighthouse of the Sciences, in 1659. Disputation 17 concerns universals.
Daniel Novotny is a Professor at the University of South Bohemia. He published Ens Rationis: From Suarez to Caramuel, which I commented on. His work succinctly summarizes the propositions of Baroque scholastics, presenting them in bullet-point style.
My comments use the category-based nested form in order to produce models for appreciating the topic of universals. Two models come to the fore. The first concerns the triadic structure of judgment. The second models the individual in community.
Izquierdo’s points fit into these models in such a way that new - postmodern - questions are raised about the nature of universals.

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