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Cole: Finding Trouble

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Rodger Cole was tired of the heat in the south. He was headed north to Montana, through Arizona's, Painted Desert. He was not expecting to find a mute woman and Apaches in his travels.
Cole was disgusted with himself for the thoughts that kept running through his mind and the way his body reacts, every time he gets close to the woman he found. His whole being responds to her touch or her voice. The desire and lust, he's felt before, but the other feelings are new and he's not for sure what they are.
Micah has seen her husband and friends killed and tortured by Apache, after the wagon train they were in was ambushed and destroyed. Her mind is no longer hers. She's drawn into herself for protection. As she slowly realizes Cole is with her, she begins to live in reality, but in fear, because she will not go back with War Lance.

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