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When Mirta M. Signorelli fled communist Cuba fifty years ago, she was thrilled to becoming to a nation that was supposedly blessed by God. She knew that in America, people vote for their leaders, journalists write what they want, and people protest as they see fit. She also valued the idea that everyone had the freedom to worship God. Despite its image, America is breaking the Ten Commandments and turning its back on God. Courts have removed prayer from classrooms and the Ten Commandments from parks, courtrooms, and public schools. Preachers decline to give sermons on what is happening because they are afraid of losing members of their flock. Schools teach Darwinism but refuse to educate students about the theory of Intelligent Design. If this continues, God may abandon America. Its essential to pray and vote for leaders who will keep the country from becoming a socialistic and godless nation. In God:Expelled from America, find out what you can do to make sure that America once again becomes a nation under God.
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ISBN: 9781426934520
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