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Death's Name is Ira

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Love doesn't end after death... but dying certainly complicates things...

For Ira Collins, death presented a far more purposeful alternative than life. Serving as one of the proud members of the Reaper Corps, he found meaning and fulfillment in the process of helping those who have died adjust to their new existence in the spiritual plane. For Ira, the work was so rewarding that it was even worth forgoing reincarnation for.

However, when he is tasked with reaping the reincarnated soul of the woman he loved back when he was alive, Ira finds himself in a very difficult situation. Should he betray the Corps for the sake of the woman he loves, or live up to his responsibility to the rest of the reapers, and let her die?

And as if this was not complicated enough, Ira must also help solve a disturbing mystery plaguing the spiritual plane, involving the disappearances of souls…

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