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The St. James Inquiry

605 pages9 hours


This story begins in an orphanage in Hong Kong where children are missing and never heard from again. Many years after their disappearance was no longer newsworthy and all but forgotten, a private detective was hired to look into the sale of the orphanage’s property to a wealthy builder. After briefly scanning microfilmed news clippings about the sale, the price appeared to be below the market at the time, considering the prime location and acreage. Otherwise it was quite mundane at best.

The detective continued to scroll back to older news items in the orphanage’s file and stumbled upon a number of articles about missing children. This piqued his interest and he decided to look into two reported cases that eventually led him from Hong Kong to mainland China and onto Europe. The expenses would be out of pocket but that did not stop him from investigating a trail that wound around the globe involving powerful criminals ready and able to do anything to stop his prying into their activities. What detective James Harvey, a former police Inspector uncovered, was horrifying and unexpected.

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