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Chase, Catching Raine

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Chase Venton lived a carefree life, until his parents died. They left him a fortune but he was young and naïve. He was taken for granted by many people, especially women. He learned his lesson and went into hiding until the woman of his dreams walked into his life. He told her everything and that was one of the biggest mistakes in his life. She almost destroyed him and took him for everything he had. Now he has gone back into hiding. Only his trusted ranch had Smiley knows the truth. Smiley promised Chase’s parents he would look after their only son, but it isn’t that easy. Chase is now bitter, cold and cruel. He chases away everyone Smiley hires to help out on the ranch. He has almost but lost hope, until he ran into Raine.
Raine Simmons was on the verge of being homeless when she ran into Smiley. She was young and naïve. She was full of life and energetic. She always tried to stay positive no matter what the situation was. Smiley hired her to help out on a ranch. She was to take care of the animals, but he specifically told her to stay away from Mr. Venton, the owner, and she did. Raine would watch him from a far. He always seemed in a bad mood and looked troubled. She felt bad for him. She looked around his ranch and thought he had money problems. So she began to do extra work to help out asking nothing in return. She loved the ranch and hoped she could afford a small farm of her own one day.
Chase began watching Raine. He hated her for him wanting to look at another woman again. He hated her for playing with his dog. He hated her just because he could. He knew bringing a woman out here would disrupt the balance. She was probably stealing from him to. He and Smiley fought about it often.
Raine saw Chase walking her way. She never imagined a simple hello, would send Chase over the edge. He tore into her and left her standing in tears. Confused and hurt Raine can’t stand to work for him anymore. Leaving the ranch was the hardest thing she had to do. And as for Chase, getting Raine back is the hardest thing he has to do.

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