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Just Call Me Bob

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This is a fictional parody, ‘Just Call Me Bob’ is about President Barack H. Obama, aka, ‘BOB’. At times, reality rears its head and forces the President to act rationally as the fate of the nation is in his hands. This story is about his new home, his cabinet choices and how he faces major problems and attempts to solve them.

In this comedy / political farce, President Obama clearly possesses innate intelligence blended with a con man’s silver tongue and he uses these talents to respond to difficult questions. He is blessed with the ability to turn ‘mountains into molehills’ by utilizing his quick wit and humorous nature.

The President manages to prove to friends and foes alike, he is a ‘man for all seasons’. Once in every so many hundred years someone emerges from the masses and becomes larger than life. President Obama is such a man!

Many of the chapters in my book are tied to conferences and media interview events. Obama is the first Black man to be; Head of the Harvard Law Review, the First Black Senator and the First Black President of the USA.

Do not assume the wrong impression of me, I am not a racist and never will be. I’m a huge fan of President Obama, but cannot resist the temptation of poking a finger at him and his imaginary executive staff.

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