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Get the F**k to Work

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Inspired by Adam Mansbach's hilarious bedtime spoof "Go the F**k to Sleep" comes a book for the office. Profane, timely, and radically honest, this depiction of the workplace plight satirizes the all-too common distractions of employees and the secret desires of supervisors to throttle them. Fully illustrated. Just keep this away from your Human Resources Department. Paperback makes a great gift.

Placating words, conciliatory bribes, or promises of promotions? Screw that! This is what REALLY goes through our minds. Will this book open up a conversation about good personnel management and lackluster underlings? Think again. Does it give us permission to laugh at the absurdities of our workaday frustrations? Oh, hell yes!

This book is for every working class stiff who wanted to stick a middle finger up... er, in the air.

Words: 557
This is the fully-illustrated version. Also available in paperback.

Warning: Contains a ton of profanity. Not appropriate for children and individuals making over six figures.

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