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Arin Ovis is a billionaire heir and an infamous Olympic swimmer. He has everything anyone could ever need in life - so why has he exiled himself on his private island in the tropics?

Hanna is a sports writer who’s determined to get to the bottom of his story - everything from his climb to the top to his embarrassing downfall. She’s been granted a rare interview by Arin, and she has three days on his private island to get the story of a lifetime. But will she get more than she bargained for on this tropical trip? When she’s around the intensely handsome athlete, sports are the last thing on her mind…

“What led to the moment when you punched JJ Martinez?” I asked. My throat nearly constricted around those words. “You went from our nation’s hero to…frankly, an embarrassment.”

The Zodiac Series is a series of loosely connected novellas that can be read in any order. Each leading man encapsulates the personality traits of his zodiac sign.

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Mr. Aries - Cora Kaine

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The Aries man is the perfect picture of raw masculinity.  A natural leader, he is never one to back down from a competition, and his ego is insatiable.  Although this man is hard to tame, a clever woman who can match wits with an Aries can capture his heart and reap the never-ending rewards of his intense and powerful love.

Your Fortune

A sudden trip will change your life - if you are strong enough to butt heads with a challenge.  Behind the rain clouds, the sun is waiting.

Chapter 1

Can you tell me what it was like to know Arin Ovis?

JJ Martinez looked like an Olympic athlete.  He was a tall, muscular, curly haired brunette, and if he had been magically turned to marble right now, he would have been mistaken for a statue of a Greek god.  He was in his prime still, and in a few short weeks, he would be attempting to become the new record-holder for most Olympic gold medals.  However, it wasn’t his story I was interested in, and I could tell he was peeved by that.

I don’t think anyone really knew the man.  He was intense.  Always in his own head.  JJ leaned back in the chair, making it creak.  Sorry, I can’t really answer that.

The meeting room that we had taken over was cramped and hot.  I hoped it would work to my advantage.  I didn’t want JJ getting too comfortable.

That’s a very civil answer, I noted.  Considering what happened between you two.

JJ chuckled and stroked the side of his square jaw, as though four years later it still hurt.  It wasn’t between us.  It was just him taking his anger out on me.

Do you feel you deserved it?

No.  JJ was quick to answer.  He had probably thought it through often enough.  But it was never Arin’s fault.  At least not in his mind.

What was he like to train with?

JJ was getting annoyed with the questions.  But I couldn’t stop now.

He was hard working and focused.  He rarely talked to us about anything other than strategy or technique.  We joked that he must have been a robot.  I mean, I’ve met dozens of Olympic athletes, but none quite like him.  It consumed his whole life.  It defined him.

Arin the android, I commented.  It was a common nickname spread through silly news articles to describe the precision and focus of the national hero four years ago.

Arin the android, JJ repeated thoughtfully.  Until he snapped.

Do you feel guilty?

JJ leaned forward.  To emphasize his point, he tapped his fingertips on the table.  That day, I swam the best I could.  The only thing that kept me from gold was the mind tricks that asshole was playing.  He got into my head, and it messed with my swim.  He was like this monster looming over me that whole week.  We won silver for that relay.  To me, that was something to be proud of.  For him, it was an embarrassment and a shame.

And so he punched you?

You and the rest of the world saw it.  He lost his cool in that one moment, and then he lost everything.  Now I hear he’s holed up on some South American island.  He’s a hermit.  His last gift to the world.

So you two don’t chat then? I asked with a smile.

JJ laughed.  I haven’t seen him since he punched me in the face.  I don’t want to see him, and he doesn’t want to see me.

That’s understandable.

We fell into a comfortable silence.  I could tell that JJ’s mind was working on something, and I didn’t want to interrupt his thoughts.  Perhaps it would be something for my story.  JJ lifted his gaze up to me.

This isn’t about me, is it? he said.  It’s about him.

I flushed.  I had been very open about the fact that I was working on a piece about Arin, but sometimes that kind of information didn’t get passed from agents and assistants down to the athletes.  I felt a tinge of guilt.

Yes, I said.  I’ve been working on a story for years.  Ever since his self-destruction.  I’m sorry if you thought differently about my intentions.

No, no.  I’m used to it, JJ said, forcing a smile.  No matter how successful I become, some people seem to think that my peak came when Arin Ovis punched me in the face.

I don’t believe that, I said hastily.  It’s just...

If this is about him, have you gotten an interview with Arin yet?  JJ’s eyes were mischievous.  He knew the answer to that question, and yet he still asked, just to get back at me.


JJ seemed satisfied with the answer, though he had no further words on the subject.

Well, I hope you got what you needed from me, Miss Clairemont.  My heart sunk as JJ stood.  I hadn’t gotten what I wanted, but I hadn’t played my cards right.  Another dead end in this damned story.  I’m a big fan of your work.  I’m sure this piece will be great.

I tried to mask my disappointment as I stood and shook his hand.  Thank you for your help, Mr. Martinez.  I hope I can get another interview with you when you’ve got the most Olympic gold medals.

I flashed him my cheesiest smile, and he couldn’t help but grin back. 

I look forward to it.

I let out a sigh of relief as he walked out of the door - back to his training.  I had gotten too thirsty for information on Arin that I had almost soured a relationship with another big time athlete.  The boss wouldn’t be happy about that.  Of course, he wasn’t going to be happy about another wasted interview with a famous athlete going towards my pet project.  I just hoped that it would be worth it in the end - if I ever managed to pull it all together from the scraps I had collected.


The office was buzzing with the usual excitement.  The TV room was full of writers now.  I peered through the glass wall at the big screens all showing the same game of baseball.  A tie game, going into the twelfth inning was keeping half the office occupied.  I smiled and shook my head as cheers erupted inside the room.  I was glad I wasn’t tasked with the tiring job of writing about baseball.  I continued towards my desk.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Danny headed towards the same place.  I just barely managed to hold back a cringe.

Hey there, Hanna.  How was the interview?

Before I even got myself situated at my desk, his hand shot forward to put a candy there from the vending machine.  My favorite chocolate bar.  Coming from him, I almost hated it.  I leaned back in my chair and calmed my inner self.  It was always good to be comfortable and relaxed when dealing with Danny.

Hey, Danny.  It went well, thank you.

The bland, generic answer did little to faze him.  He wore that same friendly smile on his face.

That’s wonderful, Hanna, he said, shaking his arms up in the air like I had just had a legendary interview that would change my career.  I smiled at his exuberance, despite the fact that it secretly grated at my core.

Thank you, Danny.  I better get to writing while it’s still fresh in my mind, though.  I patted at my notebook in front of me, silently thanking it for being there to get me out of awkward situations.

You know, if you ever want to pick the brain of someone who’s been in the business for over ten years, he said, his grin and his eyes both widening.  I’d love to help.

Thank you for the offer, Danny-

Over drinks?  Tonight?

I was speechless.  Danny had always been the eager beaver