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"Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth" probes Bush’s reckless torching and Obama’s controlled burn of the great American entrepreneurial dream—then offers a plan that’s flame-retardant. It speaks to the self-made millionaire next door who don’t think of themselves as millionaires, though they are.

Or rather, were, until a billionaire financial complex spanning several presidential administrations set out in conscious conspiracy to kill individual initiative in a wicked wealth grab.

Any entrepreneur investor who wants to withstand the turbulent years ahead need to do some savvy maneuvering to recoup years of losses. This book provides a “clawback strategy” to succeed again, broken down in three sections:
I. Assault on Entrepreneur Investors Billionaire blowhards use both political parties in a conscious conspiracy to build their kingdoms on the backs of entrepreneurs…
II. The Financial Hell Still Unfolding As a direct consequence of Bush’s profligacy and Obama’s paternalism, we will not pull out of this global systemic crisis until it has dramatically reordered the world economy.
III. Your Own Custom Clawback Plan Discover precisely what you must do, step by step, to fight back and recoup years of losses and even prosper on a grand scale in the turbulent years ahead.
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