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Chasing Reality, Cyrenaica: Chasing Reality, #4

337 pages4 hours


Whilst the Stoffian space-fleet is away on a rescue mission to Earth, the Southern region of Stoffia attempts a bid for total independence.  Things don't go to plan, as others have a different agenda. A civil war looks imminent.

The fleet return from Earth, with some new editions to the team and Lucy, along with her all powerful 9-year-old Niece, Emma, take command of the situation and try to make peace in the south, with more than a few surprises in store.

The evacuation from Earth continues, and most of the team set off with the space fleet to assist, leaving Laura and Kirsty vulnerable to an attack from Rayn, still bitter for the death of his brother, Tarik, blaming Laura and co. He has a plan, to kill Laura, and Emma when the fleet returns.

Can he be stopped before it's too late?

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