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Build 6 Games In Unreal

342 pages11 hours


In this book, you learn how to navigate the Unreal editor while building 6 basic games. This book is an extension of Mammoth Interactive's "Introduction to Unreal" book. You set up each game's design, thus learning to create video game levels. Then you learn how to use C++ scripts to give your game custom functionality.

By the end of this book, you know how to create games that respond to user input through keyboard controls. This book makes creating your own game easy and efficient. You understand the different skills needed to make a game. You are familiar with both the coding and artistic sides to game development. Therefore, you have a unique perspective.

We make the following games:

• Coin Collector Game
• Shooter Game
• Platform Switcher Game
• First Person Shooter Game
• Turret Game
• Runner Switcher Game

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