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Jason's Dymond (Beyond The Secrets)

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Jason's Dymond
Beyond The Secrets

Fear caused Dymond Watson to miss out on a lot. The worse thing was running away from the only man she's ever loved. A man who had been her best-friend, first lover and so much more: Jason Moretti.

Dymond Watson: Single, age 28, strong, independent African- American Big City girl turned small town Journalist and secret popular Author.

Today she would be flying back home to Chicago, to attend the funeral of her favorite and only aunt; Nina Simons. Aunt Nina was more than family to Dymond she was her friend and confidant, in many things except one. The only secret she'd kept from her aunt; the name of the man who had given her a most precious gift. A now 3 year old curly haired, beautiful and loving little girl. The man who had married someone else, had no idea they had created a life together and he was now a father.

Secrets and Betrayal caused Jason Moretti to miss out on the love of his life. The worse thing was dealing with the hurt of knowing that the woman he loved, the woman he wanted to marry never loved him.

Jason Moretti: Divorced, age 33; Wealthy, Big-City CEO, an IV League graduate with a Law Degree. Now one of the most successful Development & Investments moguls in the US and head of one of Chicago's most prominent families. He wore his Italian-American heritage with pride, loved his family and valued control in every aspect of his life, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Saddened by the death of longtime family friend Nina Simons or as he called her (Aunt Nina). Attending her funeral was a must even knowing that he may have to face a part of his past that to this day conjured feelings of betrayal, anger and hurt. 'Dymond Watson'.

Still fresh in his mind was the memory of the first time he saw her on the steps of Roosevelt University. Her dark brown skin and beautiful yet shy smile drew him like a magnet. He just knew then that she was meant to be his. Anger washed over him at the thought of how she left him without explanation. But the worst part was knowing that he still dreamed about holding her body next to his, still imagined her soft voice whispering his name.

Can a funeral and the last wishes of the recently departed Loved One bring together divided hearts?
Can love rebuild what secrets destroyed?
Will Dymond learn to let go of her fears and embrace her deepest desires?
Will Jason put aside the anger and hurt of the past, and lay claim to a love that is rightfully his?

"No!" her response was more to the question in her head than to Jason's statement.

"This color really looks beautiful against your skin Dy. Like mocha covered in sunlight" he whispered tapping gently at the spot where his hand stopped.

"Oh, and I am more than serious; you will be my wife in every aspect. I expect you in my bed every night, naked, willing and ready. I'll decide what restraints if any." Jason smiled as the vision only he could see flashed in his mind. "Since you are not married to Bruce and I don't share, whatever Bruce is to you, it ends now."

"Jason please, Bruce is my?."

He never gave her the chance to finish, and his next words open the flood gate of need so raw Dymond wanted to scream for him to touch her, beg if she had to, for what she didn't quite know but Jason had it.

"Maybe if I keep this hot little body of yours primed, moist and filled you'll be more likely to remember who you belong to."

His warm breath fanned the side of her neck, causing the fine hairs on her body to rise as if drawn to electricity.

"There will be no barriers between us; you'll be my wife in every way."

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