The Fetish Files

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The Fetish Files

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Length: 244 pages2 hours


Augustus Drummond, a major leader within the FBI, heads a special unit of Bureau agents, assembled to deal with the most heinous crimes imaginable. His insights and uncanny understanding about crime have in part been influenced by his brutal childhood, where an incident of violence against him opened his mind to unexpected power and understanding. His team experiences a dramatic change, when Sonia Connelly, a gifted, multi-talented agent, joins their group and becomes Drum’s lover. Their love sustains them, even as they are embroiled in combating crimes that involve cannibalism, abduction, and sexual sadism. Strange fetishes that encourage some of the darkest feelings in the human condition fuel many of these crimes. L M Reker’s novel is a blend of stark polarities with love and compassion at one pole and ferocious violence at the other. It also asks the question, “What’s your fetish?”

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