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Guide to Searching and Applying for Jobs Amid Current Oil and Gas Market Conditions

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This practical guide offers the reader, in a nutshell, ideas and strategies to searching and applying for jobs in an economy that has proven to be more and more competitive. Although the title suggests a niche located in the Oil and Gas sector it can be perfectly applied to any other segment of the global economy. This guide offers a fresh and more aggressive approach to identifying job opportunities whilst enhancing our networking capabilities, without losing sight of other elements of our mental well-being that are left aside, during the sometimes difficult stages of the job search process. There are no secret formulas but simply the fact that the dynamics linking employers and candidates when it comes to filling a position for a particular organization, have evolved in respond to a more competitive professional market where unless we adapt our personal marketing approach, it will prove to be more challenging for job hunters to find themselves working for the right company. Hopefully, this guide will provide you with some of the strategies that will place your presence out there in a much better position to compete and excel.

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