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At The End Of The Day: A Trio Of Historical Romance Novellas

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Westward On The Oregon Trail: When Jesus Is In The Hearts Of All Men, is a wonderful story about a young woman fleeing her home state of Georgia on a wagon train headed for California. She is anti-slavery and a strong Christian and she fears the probable upcoming war between the states. At a stop along the way she meets a plantation owner and his son and one young slave woman. Aided by a former drunkard and their strong faith, all of them make changes will which affect their lives forever.

Our Wagon Train Heading For Greener Pastures Along The Oregon Trail, is a Christian pioneer novella about one family’s journey to the West and about the hardships which had to overcome such as a shortage of food and losing a wagon along the way, and many other trials and obstacles. Only their strong faith and love for God carried them through each day to their ritual of--after eating--gathering together and reading from the family bible. As they get towards the end of their journey, there’s a major decision to be made.

Living Off The Land For Her Husband, is about an independent spark of a woman from London, suddenly deciding to become a mail order bride and live in the Old West. The trouble is...she has no clue how to cook, clean house, or even get along with another human being within the closeness that marriage brings; let alone learn the ‘farm to table’ philosophy that will feed them both.

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