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Blood and Infinity

159 pages2 hours


Rebecca Finner lost her memory and almost died. More than once.
Lord Alistair Dalmaine, best friend of the man she loves, has been responsible for her almost-death more than once—and is annoyed he hasn't finished the job. He's beautiful, terrifying, and potentially a traitor.
He's also the only one who can keep her alive while Leander attempts to stay in power.
Leander has a plan to make Lord Dalmaine keep Rebecca safe: Force a blood bond between the two so Alistair will want—even need—to keep Rebecca safe.
The massive downside? If she dies while they're bonded, her life will become eternal—and forever entwined with Alistair’s. Which, funnily enough, might just be a fate worse than death.

Please note this book has been revamped with a sparkly new cover and title by the publisher.

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