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It's Not Your Fault

Length: 46 pages44 minutes


Are you in an abusive relationship? Would you like to find the strength within yourself to overcome either the abuse or the fear of leaving the abuser? If you have answered: 'Yes' to these two questions, then this book is for you. Anyone who is in an abusive relationship, as well as friends and family members of someone who is being abused will benifit from reading this book. You will learn how to cope while you are being verbally attacked and how to minimise the risk of physical abuse. Whether you are ready to leave the abuser or not, this book will give you all the strategies that you will need. For concerned friends and family members; you will learn how to help your loved one and keep her safe. Whether you are male or female, whether you have children or not, you do not need to be in an abusive relationship - this book will show you how to either fix it or leave it.

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