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Sissy Feminization: Exposing His Secret

Length: 48 pages44 minutes


James leaps at the golden opportunity while his successful lawyer wife is away on a two week long business trip as his inner sissy takes over and he starts to explore Kathryn’s vast array of silky thin lingerie.

The world becomes his oyster as the stay at home husband rolls his wife’s pink delicates up his thighs, slips on her strapless bra, sinks his teeth into her red lipstick, slipping his feet into her 3 inch pink heels and saunters around the vacant house exploring his hidden femininity.

And just like that, James finds himself slowly transforming into his new persona...... Jennifer

His own little secret.

That is until Kathryn returns early from her trip and catches her husband pink handed robed in her undergarments pirouetting in front of the mirror admiring his curves.

Shocked and intrigued, Kathryn seizes the opportunity to slowly transform her embarrassed husband permanently into her own personal sissy maid, tending to her every need both behind closed doors and in front of their new neighbours.

This 12,000 word short story erotica contains explicit scenes of forced sissy feminization, femdom bdsm , female domination , male humiliation, pegging, ballbusting, first time sissification and a dominant and cruel wife slowly transforming her crossdressing husband into the sissy maid she has longed for and should be enjoyed by adults only.

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