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Red Gloves, Volumes I & II

Length: 447 pages7 hours


Two chilling volumes are better than one! This collection of twenty-five mystery, horror, and fantasy short stories by award-winning author Christopher Fowler includes a pair featuring Bryant & May, the disreputable detectives from his beloved Peculiar Crimes Unit series.
Red Gloves: Volume One escorts readers to the high streets and back alleys of London, where deceptively ordinary events such as an evening out at a local pub can lead to ghastly consequences. Spirits, monstrosities, death, revenge, redemption—it’s all in a night’s work for the shadowy hands reaching out to seize the unwary.
Red Gloves: Volume Two offers a macabre tour around the world. Despite the exotic locations, the fates here are no less terrifying. As innocent travelers wander far from home for a vacation in the Far East or a trip to the French Riviera, they find themselves confronting their deepest, darkest fears—as well as profound epiphanies.
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