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Guitar Chord Book

Length: 86 pages33 minutes


The Guitar Chords Book - 368 illustrated chords and over 550 chord notes
The Guitar Chords Book gives you an overview of the 368 essential most used guitar chords in fullcolor illustrated diagrams including suggested fingerings. Almost all of the chords are fretted within the first 4 or 5 frets to keep things as simple as possible (although some experience with Barré chords and chords fretted with 4 fingers is a pré). 

Furthermore, you can find an overview of more than 550 chord names with the notes they exist of (including the structured position of the notes; root, 3rd, 5th etc.), to form your own desired chords in a position of your choice, with help from the illustrated neck diagram (first 12 keys, but can be repeated after that). 

As a bonus we give you the chord formulas of most used chord types and an explanation on how chords are constructed, and how you can calculate chords yourself based on the chord name.

The Guitar Chord Book can be used in an entry or moderate level and is made compatible for eReaders showing only a maximum of 12 chords per page! The last two pages consist of empty chord diagrams and neck diagrams to be printed for own use.

This Guitar Chords Book gives you all chords in an alphabetical order, so you can find chords easily. Download this ebook now and store it in your eReader to always have this chords dictonary with you at home or on the road!

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