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Fragrance Mysticism: Out-of-Body Travel Roles and Methods - A New Mystical Theology as Old as Time

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FRAGRANCE MYSTICISM: And Other Roles and Methods - A New Mystical Theology as Old as Time (An Out-of-Body Travel Book) - Fragrance Mysticism portends to the aromas of particular events or places in the realms and spheres of out-of-body travel and could be said to be a mystical theology of the path of purification leading to union with the Divine. Every out-of-body experience or event contains an energy, a fragrance, an aroma; which permeates the atmosphere and contains within it the knowledge of that realm.

The out-of-body traveler must absolutely inhale the fragrance of the arising spheres in order to take within the soul the molecular and cellular structure of such mystical atmospheres, allowing the knowledge contained to self-embody without effort on the traveler’s part. In such a manner, the cells of the sphere combine with his own particulate matter and eventide to judgment.

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