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Myths ReImagined: Modern Views of Classic Tales

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The five myths we ReImagine are old—centuries, even millenniums old.

Judgement of Paris
Saint George and the Dragon
Dido and Aeneas
The Abduction of Persephone

They’ve been translated many times from ancient Greek or Roman texts, so variations are common, sometimes contradictory. Modern movies bend them still further. Herein are fresh versions presented in a modern environment so that you might imagine meeting your favorite mythical hero or adversary at a coffee shop or in line at the movies.

Character names remain the same as in the myths and the venues similar, if known. Every story stands alone, so the reading order is arbitrary. There is, however, a common link, a modern character in each—Chloe. She’s the protagonist in one, plays a major part in two, but has only a minor role in two others. If read in order, you might see Chloe grow a little with each new adventure, but that’s optional.

All characters are fictitious, of course, but the countries, cities, mountains, and restaurants are modern and real. They have their own history and charm that will add to your pleasure as you read. Look them up and enjoy.

As an added pleasure, an example of the myths’ inspired art by legendary artists currently displayed in prominent museums around world is included with each story.

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