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The Star (Strangers In The Night Vol. II)

Length: 48 pages40 minutes


One heated encounter in the back street wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust.

He never suspected that by indulging her he’d wake up a beast, a woman on the prowl for more pleasure and pain. Not being the type of man who’d get scared by depravity, The Owner collared and claimed her as his property for the rest of the night. The insatiable nymph he called V was more than pleased to submit to his authority and be his plaything until dawn. He was graceful enough to let his pet choose the next stop of their lust filled journey.

How brave would V be when she and her Stranger find themselves in the back row of a seedy adult theater, in the company of partners just as kinky as them? Will the Owner have the power to control them and orchestrate her submission, down on her knees, soaked with cum and at the center of attention?

See how that once shy and serious woman turns into The Star of her own erotic dreams. How much further will V go in her self-search and need to please The Owner?

This is not romance. It's a tale of lust and all those shameful desires that keep you up in the middle of the night. Would one night be enough and how much will their lust cost them?

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