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Hercules - Birth of a legend: Greek Heroes, #1

Length: 173 pages2 hours


This is, so far, untold story about ancient hero Hercules, whose name is entitled with eternal blaze of glory. This is the story of Hercules’s childhood, youth and adolescence and numerous situations, when his live is in peril and when he suddenly finds out about his inhuman superpowers.

He has spent his youth into wilderness under the peak of mountain Olympus, along with his masters. Castor teaches him art of war, Radamant, the son of Zeus, is his philosophy teacher and beautiful Lina, sister of legendary Orpheus, who knows all the ballads about ancient gods and heroes, is tutoring young Hercules music lessons.

His constant persecutor was Hera, who, crazed with jealousy of her husband’s liaison with Hercules’s mother, caused the hero many troubles. While Hercules was just a baby in the cradle, she sent two snakes which the child strangled, one with each hand.

Living in constant fear of goddess Hera, his stepfather Amphitrion sends him on the field Kithairon, where Hercules killed the giant lion relieving the local inhabitants from great terror.

Hercules doesn’t know his real identity while he is young, but after he found out the truth about his true nature from the Amazonian queen Larisa, he is determent to become a tough hero.

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