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Jolly Time Books: Molly Megaphone

Length: 37 pages10 minutes


Ben Jolly and his friends, Donnie and his other brother, Lonnie, were having fun playing in the snow. That is, until they were bombarded by a monster throwing snowballs at them. WHACK! BONK! It was Molly Megaphone—a girl— throwing snowballs. And her aim was accurate. It was bad enough that Molly always bragged about being better than the boys. But, it was too much when she challenged them to grab a sled and race her to the bottom of the hill. In fact, she double-dared them! Who will get to the bottom of Snowflake Hill first? Who will cross the finish line first? Will anyone play fair and square?

Jolly Time Books tell exciting stories with positive messages the whole family can enjoy. Jolly Time Books are full of individually hand-drawn vivid and colorful illustrations that will spark the imagination of any child.

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