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Finding Home Again

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Home is wherever you want it to be, in the end - but then you have to find out what you truly want. Home can be within you, in your memories, both pleasant and unpleasant; home can be beside your lover, or it can be an idyllic prison. It's all up to the dweller on this planet to say what is home for her or him.

Drawn from my deeply cherished memories, without aid of photographs, journal or souvenirs, I relished putting these poems to paper, as I discovered something of my relationship to home that I hadn't quite yet realized.... In here you'll find poems about friends, lovers, those difficult to categorize, old enemies, memory itself, searching, observing, and hoping. The emotional depth is adult, but younger people can appreciate these poems and they can safely read them.

General-audience reading, with nothing very unpleasant or explicit. 8 poems.

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