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The Citadel of Lies (The Palâdnith Chronicles Book 2)

310 pages4 hours


Val must retrieve the Blood Stone, a powerful charm that can open a way to Moden, the magical underworld prison. He must free Floriana DeSanith - the only person who can train the brothers in the ways of the Sentorân.

Yet another powerful, artefact lies within the Citadel of Lies.

In the wrong hands, it could destroy the world.

Three assassins stalk the brothers. Seth, Eni and Val must die before they reach the Citadel.

Before they discover the truth.

The Citadel of Lies (Book Two of the Palâdnith Chronicles) is a tale of epic adventure, discovery and courage. It continues the quest of three men, and the destiny that awaits them.

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