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Managing the Classroom: Career Education, #1

Length: 150 pages1 hour


Managing a classroom is not easy. In fact, it’s very challenging and difficult to consistently organize your classroom for optimal learning. With this manual, the strategies presented will help you create a seamless learning environment and provide skills that students will utilize for the rest of their lives. 

This manual is for you if you want your students

to become motivated to perform at higher levels, have purpose as well as specific expectations, and be prepared for career-ready futures.

Managing the Classroom is the first in a series to help you structure your lessons in an exciting way as students apply business principles to any subject you teach.

Inside this first manual in her series, you will be introduced to the form and structure of her success.  You’ll find developmental checklists, structured time management options, in addition to details as you enrich your lesson plans and goals.

Insights to learning style techniques that are easily adapted to each and every classroom composition help you have a foundation for your district’s outcomes matrix while you exceed the expectations of parents and students alike. Example lesson plans with timed exercises for the six phases of business model implementation. Student role descriptions to have them live the part of a business leader while accomplishing their responsibilities. 

Eva Foxwell’s twenty years of business excellence has helped her create this classroom model that named her a 2015 Delaware Superstar Education Winner and a 2015 Teen Ink Magazine Educator of the Year.

Connect. Translate. Inspire. 

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