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Wanting You: Wanting Series, #1

Length: 360 pages5 hours


Wanting You Book one in The Wanting Series

Charlotte McElroy’s life isn’t what she’d expected. With everything else going the way she’d predicted, the only thing holding her back from pure happiness is not finding her true love.

When she finally breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, Tony, she desperately needs a break. Her best friend Riley knows exactly what to do. A vacation to Vegas for the weekend could be just the ticket, or it could turn her life upside down. She never expected to find a man like Wyatt. A man who, was not what she’d normally go for, but she can’t seem to stay away from.

Wyatt Grayson is the typical playboy movie star. And he uses his celebrity to his full advantage. He has money, status, and more women than he could ever want. So when he meets beautiful Charlotte on a weekend break from filming, he’s surprised by his reaction to her. No longer wanting to settle for the love-em and leave-em types, Wyatt has no idea how hard he’ll have to fight to keep what he wants.

Distracted by their passion and feelings for each other, they never saw the devastation of the obsessed Tony coming. Now Charlotte and Wyatt must traverse uncharted waters to stay together or loose each other for good. 

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