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Silence Only Makes It Louder

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“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
Spencer Johnson
This fascinating poetry compilation is divided into three themes, and each theme serves a different purpose. The poet weaves and interweaves a delicate blend of poetry that touches the heart and soul of an individual.
Theme one and theme three deals with the single purpose of loving one woman and all the fire and ice that go with it. The trait where a man loves one woman is almost a forgotten quality in the 21st century.
The poetry written in Silence only makes it louder is an attractive exploration of eloquently beautiful words and emotion that is unique to the joy and pain.
This book has an international flavour in that it gathers poetry that was written in Japan, Thailand, England and South Africa. The poetry tells a story, distinctively, a Cape Town story at the Waterfront. It is a collection of poetry adorned in honesty and stunning silence. The book explores love, purpose, vision and destiny. The poems vary widely in emotion and are something to which many readers can relate. The passionate lines penetrate the very fabric of life and can help the reader reflect on his/her own relationship. The poetry in theme one and theme three were written in 2016—theme two was written 2003-2016. Remarkably, the author has written over 3000 poems in his lifetime so far and appeared in over 15 anthologies.

About the author
MARK FRANK is a Kingdom International English Language Teacher, Novelist and Poet. He has taught in Asia, England and Africa. He holds a B.A Degree, Higher diploma in Education, B.ed. (Hons) degree in Education, TEFL Certificate in English language teaching, an ABET Certificate in Adult Education and a Masters in Language Education. Currently, he is busy with his PhD in Educational Studies/Language Education at the University of the Western Cape.

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