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The Crystal Trident, An Archer Adventure, Book 1, Second Edition

Length: 205 pages3 hours


The first book of The Archer Adventures finds Archer on the sea floor with no memory of his past and a mermaid at his side. The mermaid tells him he's arrived at a place called Balycon and the collar she put around his neck lets him live underwater and speak the silent language of the sea.

Balycon's council asks Archer to find and return their crystal trident, stolen by their arch enemy, Chion, Tyrant King of the Frozen Sea. If they can't get it back, Chion will take over their kingdom and cover it with ice. The birds and turtles have located the trident on a distant island but no one in Balycon can retrieve it. When Archer asks why, he's told only new air breathers can leave the water and walk on land. Because he can't leave and go home until he learns his identity, Archer accepts the challenge.

After the council provides an Ichonaut escort, Archer learns he's to lead the expedition. Each time he fails to rely on the Ichonaut's abilities, he places the outcome of their journey in jeopardy. If they manage to survive the ambushes and traps they find between Balycon and their destination, Archer must leave his escort and overcome the danger that awaits in Coriana's lagoon.....a dragon named Quintar, famous throughout earth's seas as the largest dragon in the underwater world.

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