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The Slave Training Of Cole -A Straight Street Hustler Becomes A Slave Boi

Length: 209 pages3 hours


New edition with added sections!
Cole is eighteen and finds himself living on the streets surviving hand to mouth where he spent the previous six months learning to hustle willing women for money and panhandling, while getting high on weed and skateboarding. While he was out looking for fun a man in a car pulls over to the curb and invites him to a party with promises of women and weed and he accepts. At the party he meets Carlos who talks to him freely and encourages him to get even higher. Before too long Cole passes out and when he awakens he is naked and restrained on a table in a strange room and realizes that his entire body has been shaved except for his shoulder length hair. He sees Carlos in the room accompanied by another unknown man. The other man tells Cole that he has been selected to serve as a sex slave who will serve other men and is then introduced to their usual form of discipline which is a good dose of a strap that is applied to his bare butt.
Although they intend to train Cole as a slave he is also introduced to Sondra, a sexy and alluring blonde.Sondra teases Cole by allowing him to penetrate her while he is restrained but doesn't allow him to cum but promising he would eventually be able to do so if he will only cooperate in his training. Sondra's allure and a generous supply of weed persuade Cole to permit himself to begin being trained for their intended purpose.
As Cole becomes increasingly frustrated by Sondra's teasing Carlos and the other man arrange for Colby, a twenty-three year old fellow slave to give Cole the release he has craved and during that session Colby attempts to help Cole deal with the changes that will occur to him.
The moment comes when Cole learns the real secret behind Sondra and what it will mean for the rest of his life and also begins to appreciate how Carlos and Colby have affected him just as he finds out he has been sold and will be sent to to Germany..
As Cole stands on the loading dock contemplating his future the new owner gives Cole a pink pill that the new owner's slaves call the "Happy Pill". The pill, together with a surprise Cole receives as he is in his crate awaiting departure ensures that his transformation intoa willing slave boi will be complete in his new home.

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