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Fight for Freedom (Operation Underworld): Melody and Mateo, #2

Length: 206 pages3 hours


This is book 2 of the Melody and Mateo trilogy, part of the Operation Underworld Series.

After running away from home at the age of sixteen and being kidnapped and sold into a sex trafficking ring, Melody Frank doesn’t have much to lose. Which is why she’s agreed to act as an informant for the New Orleans police department and bring down the criminal organization from within. Then she meets Mateo Garcia, an FBI agent working to bring down the same organization, and things quickly become complicated. Not just because she’s now in danger of being ousted as an informant…she’s also rapidly losing her heart to Mateo. The problem is, the agent doesn’t trust her, and with good reason: as the girlfriend of a crime boss, she stands in a position to ruin his entire investigation.

After discovering the dark secrets of Melody’s past, Mateo is finding it hard to turn his back on her. Nothing in Melody’s world is as it seems, and as he begins to untangle the web connecting her to the suspects he’s fighting to bring down, it becomes clear that she needs his help. It’s not long before his mission to save her from danger develops into something more. What began as a quest for vengeance is now a fight for freedom, leaving Mateo wondering if there could be a future for him with Melody in it. But first things first … he has to free her from her demon-possessed crime-boss boyfriend, while taking down his entire business and keeping her safe in the process.

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Operation Underworld is a Paranormal Romance series co-authored by Elise Marion and Carly Fall, about a secret organization of people who police the spiritual underworld … because sometimes regular law enforcement just won’t cut it.
Each story arch features 3 books about the same couple, and each ends with an HEA!

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