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A Scratch & Sniff Guide to Churches in Southern Spain

Length: 130 pages2 hours


HI TOURIST! You're looking at a handy reference book for a weary traveller who wants to find something a bit different on their travels, plus some joyful memories of the author growing up in the pleasant and prosperous Wellington community of Wainuiomata in the early 1980s thrown in free of charge. This added bonus is a notable difference to most other guide books you may find on the bookshelves which do not include personal recollections from the author, to serve as a way to see off the occasional tedium that comes with visiting foreign lands. They may be beautiful with sights to behold, but to get there can be a chore, and tiring, and a little stressful, let's be honest.

I mean, those travel books don't include anything extra at all. All things to do and people to see and places to meet but nothing about what to do when you get exhausted. What's with that? We all know how dull hotel rooms can get. Not everyone wants to go out on the town and party the night away after travelling all day to get there. How desperate do you have to be to sit down and read about the hotel's history or what the town was like a hundred years ago? As if we're going to touch that minibar and pay way too much for small samples. And what's with those tiny televisions? Would it kill them to have a decent-sized widescreen? And how about a remote that's not grubby and has fresh batteries? If there's any hotel in the world with nice pillows, please let me know. Or do tourists and travellers enjoy sleeping with their head raised by only five millimetres? And blinds that actually keep out the lights from outside would be helpful when I'm trying to sleep. Same too with walls that aren't paper thin. And why, in every hotel I've ever been to, do people go up and down the halls yelling in the middle of the night?

Happily, this book will render such annoyances obsolete, as I will conduct a tour of my own school days that will entertain as much as it will educate. After reading through his book, you might be inspired to take a tour to Wainuiomata, as well as Spain, since it will detail what a gorgeous, delightful and remarkable region of our globe it really is. No churches worth smelling there, though.

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