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Freedom to Rarity: Order of the Remfrey, #1

437 pages6 hours


Katsi hoards her freedom like stray dogs hoard their food. And in 16th century, Italy she struggles to come to terms with the world and her place in it. But fate will make that decision for her.

When the Queen of Eulius loved by her people,and hated by the aristocracy waiting to take her place, suffers a deadly blow. It will have for reaching consequences for her family. And Katsi Rae Cataldi will find herself, the only person who wants:




She's ready for any battle. Even if that means going up against the witch Drusilla or taking on the King. But hen she joins forces with the only royal willing to help, Rhea Elin Von Holt, she finds herself pushing her priorities aside. To the point where she's not sure who she should be saving, Herself, Rhea or her family?

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