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The Hummingbird Series Books 1-6

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Some savants can play concert-level piano at the age of five, without ever taking a lesson. Others can do advanced math in their heads, draw a Picasso with crayons, or recite every word they've ever read or heard. Her piano was a lathe, a plasma cutter, and an automated mill. And the songs she played shook the world."

The Hummingbird Series starts with The Art of the Houdini Scientist, where a quiet girl's dream of being free quickly spirals out of her control. In Patent Mine the child that never fought back finds her voice and a cause worth fighting for. In Hell from a Well second chances spring eternal, even as chaos consumes the world and everything metal dies.

"In an ancient Aztec legend, their greatest warriors would be rewarded for their bravery, reborn in the smallest, most agile of bird. Their debt to violence, fulfilled."

The Heredity of Hummingbirds and Mourning after Dawn bring new meaning to those old words, and Daughters of Immortality answers the question... what happens when a hummingbird of legend dies?

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